Since November 2009 Metro Trains (Metro) has operated Melbourne’s growing suburban railway. Metro is committed to creating one of the best engineered railways in the world and their aim is to provide a seamless transport solution to keep people connected. 

Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing city and becoming increasingly reliant on public transport networks.  Over the next decade, Metro anticipates Melbourne’s metropolitan rail usage will increase from the present 232 million journeys per year to 370 million journeys.

Metro operates 210 six carriage trains, across 869 kilometers of track, with 15 lines and 218 stations, transporting approximately 415,000 customers each day and is committed to providing Melbourne, and its visitors, a comfortable, safe and reliable train network striving to rival the world’s best.

Metro Trains Melbourne, is a consortium of rail and construction businesses. The Metro team draws on the strengths and experience of three leading rail industry organisations: Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation, Australia’s John Holland Group and UGL Rail, a division of United Group Limited. 

Metro employees are friendly and determined people who get the job done, deliver results and go the extra mile whilst doing it.  With more than 4,000 team members across Victoria, Metro provide an environment that has honesty and integrity as its backbone. They empower their employees to think outside the box and deliver outstanding results and make a difference.

Positions with Metro range from Customer Service, Train Services, Metro HQ, Project and Engineering and Maintenance.  Their active and dynamic team, in all facets of the business, are integral to their success and ensuring that over 415,000 customers each day reach their destinations on time, safely and comfortably.

Metro are an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries and benefits including flexible work structures, training, career planning and ongoing professional development.


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