Fremantle Ports is an organisation that strategically manages the Port of Fremantle.  The port comprises of two harbours, the Inner Harbour at Fremantle and the Outer Harbour at Kwinana. 
Fremantle Ports control Western Australia’s largest general cargo port and are responsible for providing a range of reliable and competitive port related services and facilities for an area of land and water covering 383 square kilometres. 
Some of the services they are responsible for providing include the maintenance of port infrastructure, customer information and advice, trade facilitation and property services.  Others services provided directly by Fremantle Ports include overall port planning and coordination, ship scheduling and berthing allocation, port communications, mooring, security services, emergency response, hazardous cargo services and quarantine and waste disposal services.  Fremantle Ports also cooperate with the Commonwealth Government in facilitating customs, quarantine and Australian Maritime Safety Authority activities in the port area.
Fremantle Ports is a highly successful and respected organisation with triple ISO certification for its safety, environmental and quality management systems.   Fremantle Ports place a high level of importance on their People, Customers, Environment, Community and Success.

Fremantle Ports employ people in areas such as finance, administration, information technology, property, engineering project management, maritime operations, trade development, procurement, planning, security, logistics, operations, marine pilot transport, maintenance, public relations, environment, safety and administration.
When employing staff, Fremantle Ports are looking for candidates who already share their Corporate Values: Respect and Integrity, Responsiveness and Delivery, Sustainability, Safety and Wellbeing and Continuous Improvement and Innovation.

The Vision of Fremantle Ports is “To be valued by our customers and the community for our leadership and excellence” and their Mission is “To facilitate trade in a sustainable way”.  These were developed with staff input and underpin the foundation for all planning and decision making, helping Fremantle Ports prioritise and work as a ream towards common goals.
Fremantle Ports are looking for people who will share their Vision and work towards their Mission, ApplyDirect today!

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