The City of Darebin is the local government for Melbourne's inner northern suburbs encompassing Northcote and Fairfield, out to the traditional middle ring suburbs of Reservoir and Bundoora, Alphington (part), Kingsbury, Macleod (part), Preston, Reservoir and Thornbury.
Darebin City Council is one of the largest employers in the municipality of Darebin and has an operating expenditure budget of $120 million and capital expenditure budget of $37 million.  The population of Darebin is just over 144,000.  The overall population of the municipality is ageing but there is growth in younger age groups in Northcote and Fairfield and in some of the redevelopment estates.   Most residents are employed in the industrial sector, but an increasing number of professionals continue to move in. 
Darebin is home to one of the largest, most diverse communities in Victoria in terms of cultures, language (more than 118 languages are spoken), religions, socio-economic background, employment status, occupation, and housing needs and is also home to two significant tertiary organisations well serviced by public transport.
The Darebin City Council vision is for a community that works together to advance community life, ‘Darebin, the Place to Live’ and their mission of ‘working with our diverse community to build a sustainable and liveable city’ bodes well with the demographics of their municipality.
Darebin City Council Organisational Values, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Integrity form a large emphasis on how they operate.
Darebin City Council are leaders in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice and often collaborate with neighbouring municipalities to promote awareness and encourage community participation.
Darebin City Council provide flexible working arrangements and excellent working conditions that are supported across the organisation.  Continuous learning and achievement of our business goals is fostered and encouraged.  Darebin City Council actively discourages discrimination, harassment and bullying and have an Excellence in Governance Code of Conduct in place to ensure this.
Darebin City Council is and equal opportunity employer and has a diverse workforce, and recognising this provides strength in meeting the needs of the community they serve.  They actively represent their community’s diversity and aim to create an inclusive work environment that values the contribution of all employees and treats all employees with dignity and respect.

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