Australian Hearing is an organisation that has people’s livelihood as a priority.  Established in 1947 Australian Hearing is Australia’s leading hearing specialist and largest hearing service with Government funding. 

Initially established to look after returned service men an women from World War II, Australian Hearing has always had people and the community at heart.

With world-leading and innovative practices the Australian Hearing research division is based on evidence based clinical practice at the internationally renowned National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL).

By impacting people’s lives in a positive way and making the process to hearing simpler they provide a caring personalised approach.

With over 530 services (142 permanent sites) nationwide, Australian Hearing aim to be accessible to as many customers as possible.   Over 445,000 appointments are conducted annually and the network is growing year on year.

With over 1,250 employees, Australian Hearing know that to be the best and provide the best the people that they employ will drive their success.   If people love their work, when they come to work they will put their heart and soul into their job.

Over 80% of employees are female with 50% of these in executive positions and over 30% of employees employed in part-time capacity.

Australian Hearing is a culturally diverse employer with staff born in over 50 countries, that speak over 59 different languages.  This has helped to rank them in the top quarter of employers in Australia (as per the independent Employee Engagement Survey conducted by Aon Hewitt in 2015).

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