Senior Compliance Officer , Justice and Attorney-General

Queensland Department of Education Training and Employment

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Job Posted: 05/10/2018

Job Category:

Consulting / Government

Job description:

Position status Permanent
Position type Flexible full-time
Occupational group Auditing & Compliance
Classification AO5
Workplace Location Brisbane Inner City
Job ad reference QLD/290151/18
Closing date 22-Oct-2018
Job duration
Contact person Steve Browne
Contact details Ph: (07) 3239 6274

You will;

• Contribute to the operations of a compliance team and provide assistance, support and mentoring to other team members in the conduct of their duties;

• Contribute to the development, implementation and review of strategies for undertaking a range of compliance, investigative and enforcement activities;

• Assist with developing  proactive compliance strategies, plans, and initiatives;

• Conduct proactive compliance audits;

• Assess complaints to determine the most appropriate course of action to address the complaint;

• Investigate the actions and operations of traders/industries;

• Recommend, initiate and manage enforcement, prosecution and other disciplinary proceedings;

• Provide instructions to internal and external counsel;

• Develop and manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including other government agencies, the business sector and consumers to promote industry compliance and encourage stakeholder support for fair trading legislation;

• Prepare correspondence including media releases, provide regular reports, and give advice as required by the Principal Compliance Officer in relation to assigned complaints/cases.

Applications to remain current for twelve months

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