Senior Director Aboriginal Interpreter Service

NT - Department of Housing

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

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Job Posted: 09/10/2018

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Executive / Government

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Department of Housing and

Agency Work Unit Aboriginal Interpreter Service

Community Development

Senior Director Aboriginal Senior Administrative Officer 2

Job Title Designation

Interpreter Service Executive Contract Officer 1

Job Type Duration

Full Time Ongoing

SAO2: $135,674 - $147,876

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ECO1: $217,533

Position Number 18461 RTF 152242 Closing 22/10/2018

Contact Michelle Walker on 08 8999 6194 or

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The NTPS values diversity and aims for a workforce which is representative of the community

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Primary Objective: Provide strategic direction and leadership of the Aboriginal interpreting services throughout the Northern

Territory and Nationally to agencies and organisations committed to bi-lingual communication. A professional and visionary

leader who has the ability to harness and maximise opportunities including the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal

Interpreters living in remote regions and urban centres throughout the Northern Territory.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Lead and develop a team to ensure the professional, effective and efficient delivery of high quality Aboriginal

interpreting services throughout the Northern Territory and other jurisdictions.

2. Represent Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS) at high level internal and external meetings, committees and workshops

intra and interstate.

3. Ensure a high standard of governance is applied while preserving cultural values, with the ability to apply NTG

machinery of government, policy and legislation cohesively with Aboriginal cultural values. An understanding of the

importance of Language preservation.

4. Contribute to the development of specialised strategic performance and planning advice to Senior Executive and the

Minister on the development and implementation of AIS programs.

5. Provide operational advice to inform high level agreements with specific Australian Government agencies in relation to

funding and operations of the AIS.

6. Responsible for the delivery of key performance indicators and reporting requirements under various funding

agreements including cabinet submissions and ministerial briefings.

Selection Criteria:


1. Demonstrated experience in contemporary management practices, including relevant experience in strategic management

of regionally dispersed staff.

2. Demonstrated ability to strategically develop and operationalise business plans through standard change management

strategies, including risk mitigation, with a high standard of professionalism and interpersonal skills.

3. Demonstrated advanced oral and written communication and negotiation skills, including the ability to cultivate and maintain

effective partnerships with key stakeholders.

4. Demonstrated advanced knowledge and understanding of key issues affecting inter-cultural communication in Aboriginal

Australia’s, including a comprehensive understanding of Interpreting and Language services.

5. Demonstrated experience in the management of human, financial, physical and technological resources with the ability to

identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

6. Demonstrated understanding of and sensitivity to Aboriginal cultural issues, including organisational culture issues, with

the ability to interact effectively and professionally with people of diverse cultures.

7. Ability to travel interstate and intrastate including by light aircraft and or 4wd vehicles.


1. Degree or post graduate qualifications in a relevant discipline.

Approved: 4 October 2018 Michelle Walker, Executive Director