ApplyDirect has developed an innovative on-line platform that links job candidates directly to live job opportunities on employer websites.  The jobs are collated and advertised on the ApplyDirect platform using a sophisticated search engine to enable easy access by job candidates.   ApplyDirect provides a seamless way for candidates to identify job opportunities and then apply directly to the employer via the employer’s internal recruitment system.

The ApplyDirect system has been developed to capitalise on the increasing trend of companies to recruit directly through their own websites.  Employers are looking to attract and communicate directly with candidates so that they can manage their recruitment and HR strategies internally.  This approach can deliver substantial reductions in both recruitment and administration costs to employers, and simplifies the employment process for job seekers.

A key difficulty faced by companies is attracting the right applicants to their websites.  ApplyDirect helps to solve this problem by providing a central online database with a proprietary cataloguing system and search engine that is structured to enable job candidates to find and apply for their preferred jobs.  ApplyDirect allows employers to reach a wider pool of candidates without losing the benefits of the direct recruitment approach.

The trend towards direct recruitment is being driven by employers seeking to reduce the time and cost of recruitment by the use of on-line systems and automated applicant tracking software to facilitate direct interaction between themselves and potential employees.  ApplyDirect facilitates this process and aims to lead the disruption of the traditional job board recruitment market in a similar way to what has occurred in many other industries and sectors of the economy.

For employers it is easy – the ApplyDirect system automatically uploads job advertisements posted by employers on their website into a central database (catalogued using a proprietary system) where they can be easily accessed by job candidates.  Alternatively, for smaller employers without a careers page, ApplyDirect can host an outsourced careers page on their behalf.  A further alternative for smaller employers is that they are able to simply and cheaply use the ApplyDirect platform as a job advertising medium and still obtain all the benefits associated with no intermediary involvement and without being deluged by spam candidates.

For job candidates, it is as simple as searching the database and, if a suitable job advertisement is found, clicking on the link in the advertisement to respond directly to the employer.