Diversity policy

1. Introduction

This policy supports the commitment of ApplyDirect Limited ACN 123 129 162 (Company and, together with its controlled entities, the Group) to an inclusive workplace that embraces and values diversity while always upholding the principle of meritocracy.

2. Benefits of diversity

2.1 Diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an organisation. Diversity encompasses gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status, religious or cultural background and more.

2.2 The Group's commitment to diversity at all levels forms part of its merit-based organisational culture dedicated to the recruitment and retention of the best available talent at all levels, up to and including the board of directors of the Company (Board).

2.3 The Group believes that embracing diversity in its workforce contributes to the achievement of its corporate objectives (including optimal financial performance in a competitive labour market) and enhances its reputation. It enables the Group to recruit and retain the right people from a diverse pool of talented candidates, which in turn enables the Group to:

(a) make more informed and innovative decisions, drawing on the wide range of ideas, experiences, approaches and perspectives that employees from diverse backgrounds, with differing skill sets, bring to their roles; and

(b) better represent the diversity of its stakeholders and markets.

3. Commitment to diversity

3.1 The Group is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive culture that allows its people to flourish based on merit, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability. At the Company, diversity is respected to ensure we maintain our culture of ‘best place to work’.

3.2 We are an equality opportunity employer and believe diversity of thought, background, and experience drives relationships and delivers crucial benefits to our business.

3.3 Inclusive of culture means that we will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, vilification or victimisation.

4. Board composition and skills matrix

4.1 While skills such as leadership and previous experience have traditionally been prerequisites to appointment as a director, the Board recognises that skills gained from experience in the following areas are key skills and experience that the Board as a whole should comprise:

(a) relevant industry experience;

(b) business acquisition and integration skills;

(c) financial literacy and legal and regulatory knowledge;

(d) policy and regulatory development and reform;

(e) health, safety and environment and social responsibility; and

(f) organisational development and human resources,

Regard to diversity of skills should be had when constituting the Board.

5. Recruitment of senior management and employees

5.1 The Group is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity for all of its employees and senior management, based on merit, ability, performance and potential, in a way that contributes to the achievement of its corporate objectives, including diversity.

5.2 The Board is conscious of and intends to promote diversity in its staff and culture, including by ensuring that recruitment and selection processes at all levels are appropriately structured so that a diverse range of candidates are considered and, to the extent possible, there are no conscious or unconscious biases that might discriminate against certain candidates.

6. Objectives for achieving gender diversity

The Company will:

(a) where it is practical to do so, implement policies and programmes to remove or limit impediments to gender diversity in the workplace (including parental leave and flexible working arrangements that assist employees to fulfil their domestic responsibilities, and other programmes that assist all staff in career progression), and review these policies to ensure that they are available to and utilised by both men and women at all levels; and

(b) annually review, assess and report on gender diversity within the Group.

7. Roles and responsibilities

Every employee within the Group is responsible for supporting and maintaining the Group's corporate culture, including its commitment to diversity in the workplace.

8. Disclosure

A summary of this policy and the Company’s achievement of the policy’s objective of diversity within the Company will be disclosed in each of the Company's annual reports.

9. Review and changes to this policy

9.1 The Board will review this policy as necessary to ensure it complies with any applicable legal requirements and remains relevant and effective.

9.2 The Board may change this policy from time to time by resolution.

9.3 This policy is not contractual in nature.

9.4 This policy is not a promise of continued employment or of the benefits of that employment.

10. Interaction with other legislation

This policy applies to the extent that it does not conflict with equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation in jurisdictions in which the Group operates.

11. Questions

Any questions about this policy should be directed to the Company Secretary or, if applicable, the Human Resources Manager of the Company.

12. Approved and adopted

This policy was approved and adopted by the Board on 24 November 2015.