Top Job Interview Tips for Job Seekers

Looking for a new job and keen to give yourself the best shot at success? Discover how you can best prepare for what can be a stressful process.

Looking for a new job at the moment and keen to give yourself the best shot at success? You’ll inevitably be facing a job interview (or perhaps a few) pretty soon, meaning it’s time to prepare yourself for what can be an uncomfortable process for many, but one that’s absolutely vital to moving your career forward. Before you don your best business suit and begin rehearsing your answers, browse through our list of top job interview tips for job seekers from ApplyDirect to help you make the best possible impression on your future employer!



Job Interview Tip #1: Research Your Potential Employer

It goes without saying (or at least it should), but conducting background research on the company/organisation you’ve applied to work for is absolutely vital if you’re aiming to ace your job interview and land that coveted role. You don’t have to “boil the ocean” to use a popular corporate cliché, but simply visiting their website or LinkedIn profile and making a few notes about their products/services, mission, values, history and what sets them apart from competitors will show interviewers that you’ve done your homework when they inevitably ask you what you know about their business. It doesn’t hurt to research the broader industry either.

Job Interview Tip #2: Define 3 Clear Selling Point

Finding out more info on the company/organisation you’d like to work for is only the first step. You also need to “research yourself” so to speak, by thinking over the work you’ve been doing in your current and past positions, before homing in on your 2-3 strongest selling points – which could be in the context of a graphic design role sharp Adobe Photoshop or Indesign skills, Black & White Photography skills and even hand illustration skills. Once you’ve defined these 2-3 core skills, think of clear examples you can use in your job interview for each.

Job Interview Tip #3: Practice!

As cheesy as it sounds, practicing/rehearsing for your job interview by going over common job interview questions you’re likely to be asked with a family member of friend, will help you polish your answers and boost your overall confidence on the all-important day. Part of interview practice includes quizzing yourself on the more technical aspects of your industry which is knowledge you’re likely expected to know.

Job Interview Tip #4: Dress to Impress!

First impressions definitely do count, so be sure to dress for the role your chasing. If this means a slick corporate role requiring a suit and tie as part of your daily uniform, be sure to rock up to your job interview wearing a well-fitting suit and a tie with an appropriate colour. Don’t forget personal grooming either, with a neat haircut, clipped fingernails and for men, well-trimmed facial hair giving a good impression to interviewers that you’re serious in your intentions. Of course, if you’re going for a job in the arts or creative industries – personal style is the key!



Job Interview Tip #5: Be Assertive, But Not Aggressive

They say “fake it til’ you make it” and when it comes to job interviews, pretending to be confident can actually help you to feel more confident on interview day. It’s important to get your tone right however, with a polite, assertive tone that allows you to answer questions clearly usually the best approach. Avoid being aggressive at all costs, as this may give potential employers the impression that you’re not a team player and may cause unnecessary conflict.

Job Interview Tip #6: Maintain a Positive Attitude

Closely related to tone, it’s also vital you maintain a positive attitude throughout your job interview, by bringing the right level of enthusiasm into the room – keeping in mind your interviewer may be tired by the whole process and in need of a little energy themselves. If you walk into the interview room with the attitude that this is the right position for you and you have the necessary skills and experience to make it work, your body language will likely follow suit.

Job Interview Tip #7: Ask a Few Relevant Questions

Our final tip is to come prepared to your job interview with a few relevant questions, which you’ll likely have to chance to ask at the end of your interview. Good questions include those relating to the culture of the organisation, the working practices in the office where you’ll be employed and those relating to the long-term strategy/mission of the broader organisation. The key is to demonstrate your intelligence, analytics skills, background research and above all, your enthusiasm for the role on offer.

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