Key Jobs in the Building Supplies Industry

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The building supplies industry in Australia engages in three broad areas of activity, including residential and non-residential building, and engineering construction. With the boom in the residential building industry, which is expected to continue in 2016, it’s a great time to find a job in the building supplies industry.  Below is a list of current key positions in the Industry.

Current Key Jobs in the Building Supplies Industry: 
Account Manager 
Account Managers are responsible for achieving sales targets, and business goals, and are expected to be able to develop relationships and identify business opportunities. For this role, employers in the business supplies industry look for experience in a customer facing role within a similar industry, and an applicant who has an understanding of market trends. Client management and dispute resolution are also favorable skills to have if applying for an Account Management position in this industry.

Contracts Administrator
Contracts Administrators work closely with the project teams to ensure delivery of products and services to meet commercial outcomes of a business in the building supplies industry. These roles involve pre and post tender contract management across multiple projects. Previous experience in a similar role and a degree in civil engineering or business are highly regarded by employers when hiring for this position; as is proficiency in software programs including Microsoft Office and SAP.

Project Engineer 
Project Engineers in the building supplies industry are responsible for maintaining core business relationships, with the aim of improving returns on project efficiency and supply effectiveness. They are also often responsible for all problem-solving around any issues associated with supply contracts - including variations and claims. Project Engineers will need to be qualified Civil Engineers, preferably with a couple of years’ experience in this field.
Customer Services Officer
Customer Service Officers in the building supplies industry are responsible for monitoring and managing customer engagement and satisfaction levels, deliver sales targets, and help to ensure these are met. Individuals who have strong organisational and prioritisation skills, and are used to dealing with customer queries and communications, will make good candidates for this role.
Sales Manager
Sales Managers in this industry are responsible for growing opportunities with existing clients, finding new business opportunities, and managing and developing existing staff capabilities to ensure the sales team is performing at their best. Sales Managers are also responsible for maintaining a positive, effective working environment, and building strong customer relationships which drive customer loyalty; which is vital in the building supplies industry.

Maintenance Supervisor
Being a Maintenance Supervisor in this industry is a hands-on position which involves coordinating maintenance activities to achieve maximum productivity; this includes maintenance of equipment, and ensuring all mechanical systems are functioning as they should be. People wanting to get into maintenance supervising in the building supplies industry should be able to work efficiently under pressure and meet deadlines. Qualifications in mechanical or welding are often essential in this role.

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