Best Jobs for Animal Lovers

Do you love animals and want to know how to turn your passion for our fury friends into a career? Read our latest post on the best jobs for animal lovers!
Top 5 Jobs for Animal-Lovers
Animal lovers needn’t despair at their lack of Veterinary or Scientific qualifications; there are a myriad of ways to work with those non-human friends you’ve learned to love over the years including but not exclusive to the traditional vet paths. Whether it be involvement with protection and conservation services, physical maintenance, research and development, training or volunteer services, you’ll be able to find a job working with man’s best friends to suit your skillset with ApplyDirect.  
The obvious choice for any animal-lover would be to get a job as a vet. This career does require a Veterinary Science degree which takes 5 or 6 years of study – so this is best for someone who is committed to an animal-related career; not just a part time/weekend job for lovers of animals. After you graduate you will be required to register with the Veterinary Registration Board in the state you will be practicing in. In this role, you’ll be dealing with the health and welfare of animals – diagnosing and treating the illnesses and injuries of our fury (and not so fury!) friends.
Vet Assistants/Nurses/Laboratory Caretakers
This career choice is a good option for those who are interested in working on the front line with animal care but don’t have the veterinary qualifications. Vet Nurse, Assistant and Lab Caretaker roles usually a high school diploma or equivalent and there are veterinary assistant certifications that you can alternatively complete. These roles usually require animal handling, animal care, and management of customer’s concerns/questions, administering medication, maintaining surgical equipment and performing laboratory tests. 
Animal Trainers
Animal behavior is a great option for those seeking a rewarding career rich in bonding and goal setting. There are a number of animal training options including training animals for the handicapped, training animals to be ridden, and training domestic pets for obedience. Training for trainers is usually done by the employer but a background of working with animals is preferable as well as any pet psychology knowledge or practice. Marine parks and zoos also require highly skilled animal trainers to work on site. 
The Animal Grooming industry is only growing. With mobile grooming businesses, full day spa experiences and home run grooming salons there are all kinds of options when it comes to getting those domestic pals into the suds. Qualifications aren’t essential for these positions and on-the-job training is often provided for new groomers while there are also professional grooming courses you can take from industry professionals for tips on how to best tend to the beautification of pampered pets. Grooming is proven to give pets health benefits along with the obvious aesthetic positives. Job staples include bathing, hair removal, nail trimming and in some cases “creative grooming” such as colour dying fur or painting nails. 
Dog Walkers 
Another of the animal-related careers that requires no education or experience; and is a great job for animal-lovers who are looking for casual or part-time work. In fact many who participate in the dog walking industry are either casual contractors or those who own small self-run businesses. A perfect combination of physical exertion, exposure to the elements and social interaction with your canine comrades – the perfect job for pet-lovers!
Jobs in Animal Research/Science
These jobs are usually for those with tertiary qualifications in science, research or related fields such as zoology and microbiology. Usually run by private conservation bodies, government initiatives or tertiary institutions, the work can involve anything from the cause and effect of animal testing to conservation missions for endangered species. If you’ve a passion for science and the wellbeing of your favourite furry friends, this is probably a great career avenue for you. There are stringent laws and acts when it comes to animal research and scientific experimentation, so a background in law related studies can also be useful. 

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