A Day in the Life of a Sales Rep

Ever wanted to know what a day in the life of a sales rep entails? Read our latest post which outlines what it's like working in sales on a day to day basis.

Working as a Sales Rep: The Perception
Some people may have a somewhat misrepresented view of what it’s actually like working as a sales representative. Sales reps can have somewhat of a bad one (a rep that is!) They can be thought of as the persistent telemarketer, door-knocker, or robotic speaker that you encounter in your day-to-day life, trying to get you to buy their product or service. However this is a misconception as sales representatives play a vital role in a business as they are the ones who are tasked with proactively going out and selling a product or service to a business, Organisation, agency, or even a consumer. We need sales reps to help provide us with products and services we need; and to get them at the best price possible.

What Do Sales Reps Actually Do? The Reality 
There’s more to being a sales rep than meets the eye; and can be a very rewarding career path to go down. As the name states, the main aim sales reps have, are to sell things.  These can be wholesale products or goods from one business to another, or retail products directly to customers. These products can vary greatly and can range from pharmaceuticals to food and beverages, to office furniture. Like the products a sales rep can find themselves selling, the day to day of working as a sales representative can vary significantly; but generally having a job as a sales rep often goes beyond the usual 9am-5pm, and can include a significant amount of time outside of the office (but not always). This can be a positive for those who prefer not to be stuck at a desk all day; instead you may be on the road, meeting prospective clients or even hosting and assisting at sale expos and conventions. Of course no job is without its daily routine, and being a sales rep is no different. A typical day is likely to start like most sales jobs – checking emails, making calls, and other ad hoc tasks. Then onto the more exciting activities of dealing with new or existing clients, following up on potential leads, or helping customers find what they want or need - ensuring a satisfactory sales process. But the role of a sales representative does not end once the sale is made. Working in this role also includes after-sales care, upselling and helping build on-going customer loyalty helping increase repeat sales. 

Skills and Qualifications Need to Work as a Sales Rep 
While there are no cookie-cutter characteristics of sales reps, there are certain skills you’ll want to master if looking for a job in sales. These include:
•    Persistence – working in sales you are likely to get a few knock-backs. This is completely normal and you will need to be persistent and be able to bounce back quickly from ‘rejections’.
•    Listening Skills – nobody likes to be talked at. It’s important to learn to listen to potential customers and what they want/need. You’re not selling a product – you’re selling a solution to a problem.
•    Relationship-building Skills – a big portion of ‘selling’ includes the ability to be able to form a relationship with your buyers; therefore building trust.  
•    Qualifications – while you don’t need a degree or diploma for all sales rep jobs, certain qualifications are favourable depending on what you’re selling. For example, pharmaceutical sales reps are usually those with some medical-qualification such as nursing, or pharmacy.

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