Weight Watchers leads the industry in health and wellness with a personalised weight loss approach to helping people change their lives through losing weight and enjoying the foods they love.

Through a combination of healthy eating, exercise and support, members achieve the ultimate goal of success in weight loss and gain the confidence and zest for life they have been yearning for. 

The breakthrough “Your Way Program” is based on three pillars of success:  FOOD, FIT & FEEL.  Weight Watchers understand that it is not just about how much you weigh when you look at the numbers on the scales.  Success is based on encouragement along the way and increasing your fitness and feeling good about yourself is just as essential as healthier food choices.

Weight watchers equip each member with a personalised food plan and fitness goals to get them started on the road to success and also provide the support systems they need to do it their way.

Personal Coaching, an online support group, comprehensive applications and around 700 meeting locations across the country help members to stay on track.  Weight Watchers understand that losing weight is extremely difficult.  Life gets in the way, can be complicated and present us all with challenges, members need a support system to deal with this reality and what life throws at them so that they don’t lose momentum.

If you have have achieved your weight loss goals with Weight Watchers and maintained it and would like to inspire and assist others to achieve the same, Weight Watchers would love to have you as an advocate to Coach their members.  You will benefit from ongoing training, discounts and support in your own weight maintenance.

Employees of Weight Watchers get the opportunity to improve and drastically change people’s lives and help get them to their destination.  Who wouldn’t want to make the world a happy and healthier place? Being part of a team that helps people achieve their goals and improve their quality of life is immeasurable. 


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