At SIG, their organisation evolves around an entrepreneurial mindset and their growth is driven by creative ideas and innovation in high performance and low latency trading. This global quantitative trading firm is comprised of their traders, quants, developers, and systems engineers who work side by side to develop and implement their trading strategies. SIG commits their own capital to trade financial products around the world which has been achieved by virtually creating all of their own trading technologies from scratch. 

SIG strongly values and has a strong focus on adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, consistently making good decisions, collaborating, expertise and integrity. Their growth is achieved by ensuring that all their employees think like an entrepreneur by encouraging their employee’s creativity and innovation which is a strong reflection of their unique environment. Their rigorous and analytical approach to decision making is fundamental to their financial market and the organisation as a whole which requires reflection and practise. This is achieved by supporting their employees in better decision making by providing training and support. Strong communication skills are essential to SIG in order to create teamwork amongst their working environments. Each individual that they hire is valued for their expertise, they provide an environment where these individuals have the flexibility and freedom to grow and have a measurable impact. SIG’s integrity is vital to their reputation which means everything to their organisation-being the most important characteristic they possess.

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