Oakton is an Australian consulting and technology firm founded in 1988 and has more recently joined with the Dimension Data Group.

Oakton bring together industry experience, business insight and specialist technology solutions to help their clients make the right decisions.

Asking the right questions to clearly define the problem at the beginning is critical.  Through collaborating with their clients, Oakton create technology solutions that have a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing world.

Oakton’s applications can be adapted to businesses and delivered as a service under a single monthly fee that includes hosting, operations support, project services and business operations support and can help to transform businesses.

The innovative approach Oakton take allows them to conceptualise solutions ranging from Big Data, Mobile, Cloud and Digital solutions and deliver inventive business benefits.   Some of the specialties include Digital Channels, Business Assurance, Customer Management, Business Planning and Change, Customer Insights, IT Transformation, Business Systems, Managed Services, Business Analytics, Service Integration, Digital Workplace

Oakton have a team of over 1,200 specialists who work with Australia's leading companies to build solutions and deliver the right business outcomes. They believe how you think about the problem is more important than the problem itself.   By embracing this in the recruitment process this ensures the calibre and talent pool of Oakton employees is outstanding.

Be challenged, be involved and work on fantastic initiatives with customers in a team of industry leaders and give yourself the opportunity to make your mark and develop your career.

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