Public Relations Manager (maternity leave cover) - Application Package

Western Australian Association for Mental Health

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Job Posted: 08/05/2017

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Marketing / Public Relations & Media

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Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) Job Application Package Thank you for your interest in working with the Western Australian Association of Mental Health (WAAMH) This application package has been designed to guide you through the recruitment and selection process and assist you in preparing and submitting your application ABOUT US Purpose The Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) is the peak body for the community mental health sector in Western Australia and exists to champion mental wellbeing recovery and citizenship WAAMH recognises that a continuum of supports built on principles of human rights recovery co production personalisation and choice social inclusion and cultural connection is essential to the promotion protection and restoration of mental wellbeing WAAMH promotes advocates for and further develops this network of supports Vision As a human right every one of us will have the resources and support needed for mental wellbeing recovery and citizenship Mission WAAMH influences community attitudes mental health priorities policy and practice through mental health promotion systemic advocacy and development so that Western Australians have the rights resources and support needed for mental wellbeing recovery and citizenship Values Respect Understanding that mental health challenges are a normal part of the human condition having compassion valuing the dignity unique qualities knowledge and experience of each person Self determination Upholding the dignity of choice self direction hope for the future and control over our life and destiny Inclusion Fostering engagement collaboration and partnership encouraging diversity listening Integrity Acting with authenticity and curiosity being prepared to question and critique critically consider evidence pursuing excellence Courage Being persistent tenacious and steadfast in pursuing WAAMH s vision and values whilst acting with humility 1 APPLYING FOR A POSITION Eligibility To be eligible for this appointment it is essential that you have documentary evidence of your entitlement to work in Australia for the duration of your contract with WAAMH How to Apply 1 Read all the job information We strongly recommend that you read the job advertisement the job description and this job application package before preparing and submitting your application If you are still unclear about the position or the recruitment process after you have read all the information we encourage you to contact the following staff members Role related queries Brooke Johns Public Relations Manager Email bjohns@waamh org au Telephone (08) 6246 3012 Terms and conditions of employment queries Melanie Cooper Manager of Corporate Services for questions regarding the terms and conditions of employment Email recruitment@waamh org au Telephone (08) 6246 3018 2 Preparing your application Your application is very important as it will determine whether your application is shortlisted for an interview To be eligible for consideration for this position you need to include all the following in your application for employment a resume a brief cover letter explaining your suitability for the position names and contact details of two referees 3 Submitting your application All applications should be sent through to Melanie Cooper Manager of Corporate Services at recruitment@waamh org au with the position title in the subject line by 5pm Friday 19 May 2017 You will receive a confirmation by email that your application has been received It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is received by the nominated closing time and date Please ensure that you have plenty of time to submit your application to allow for unanticipated problems Please note that late applications will NOT be accepted 2 THE SELECTION PROCESS 1 Applications are assessed Each application will be assessed and a shortlist will be produced of the most competitive applicants based on each applicant s ability to demonstrate their suitability for the position The applicants that are shortlisted will be invited for an interview 2 Interview In most cases a formal structured interview will be conducted by a selection panel These interviews provide an opportunity for the selection panel to ask questions relating to your skills and experience relevant to the work related requirements 3 A decision is reached When the selection process is finalised the selection panel will recommend the most suitable applicant for the position This recommendation will take into account your full application and the information provided to the panel in the interview 4 Applicants are notified Once the successful applicant has been chosen all applicants will be notified in writing (by email) of the outcome of the recruitment process All applicants are given the opportunity of feedback 5 Successful applicant is given a formal offer of employment The most suitable applicant is given a formal offer of employment Please note that a formal offer of employment is subject to the successful applicant providing WAAMH with the following Recent National Police Certificate Thank you for your interest in this job opportunity we wish you the best of luck regarding your application 3