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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Job Posted: 06/07/2018

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Sales / Manager / Team Leader

Job description:

The B2B Manager works with the Relationship Managers (RM s) in Sales & Distribution to achieve agreed revenue targets based on the strategic deliverables The role will support the RM s in developing individual strategies to grow their client portfolios The B2B Manager will deliver on our customer experience and work with RM s to evolve client relationships from a transactional to a trusted advisor partnership
KEY CONTACTS Internal Group Executive QLD RemServ SMT Sales & Distribution team Manager Client Relationships RemServ Operations Novated Sales Marketing team External Employer Clients Prospective Clients Third party stakeholders (Unions Industry Associations etc ) Page 1 June 2017 McMillan Shakespeare Group Position Description


Working with the team of Relationship Managers (RM s) assist with the client strategy and revenue growth plans for each account Ensure alignment of targets with the Sales & Distribution Strategy Provide leadership and mentoring to the RM s to create a motivated team focused on sales targets and improving the overall customer experience Refresh the customer experience in order to promote an improved culture of customer service excellence Introduce to the RM s the trusted advisor methodology and work with the RM s to shift the current transactional client support to that of a trusted advisor Report on the Relationship team s performance and track activity and results identifying areas for future client and revenue growth Build sustained relationships with senior level external clients industry associations and government representatives to nurture existing relationships Attend MMSG and RemServ project meetings as required and contribute by providing B2B insights and a lense across the project initiatives Liaise with Marketing and Novated Sales to ensure the team are across the need to drive and support new business and sales targets Collaborate with and support the GM of Sales & Distributions overall strategy for achieving the identified revenue growth for the business Liaise with the Client Services Account Manager to quickly and efficiently resolve client customer issues Page 2 McMillan Shakespeare Group Position Description


Capabilities & Proven Sales & Relationship experience Behaviours Exceptional negotiation skills and the ability to influence client stakeholders Experience leading State or National Sales teams Exceptional customer service experience with exposure to developing or implementing Customer Experience strategies Knowledge and understanding of Trusted Advisor methodology Experience with report production and financial analytics Knowledge & Proven experience in achieving Sales targets Experience 5 year s experience in leading a Sales team Qualifications Relevant tertiary qualifications in sales Marketing Commerce or other business related disciplines preferred
WORK HEALTH & SAFETY (WHS) The Company seeks to provide a safe and healthy workplace All employees have a duty of care to ensure a safe workplace in line with WHS legislation and regulation Employees are required to work within the Company s policies and procedures for WHS
MANDATORY COMPLIANCE TRAINING All employees are required to complete mandatory compliance training This training provides employees with the understanding of their responsibilities relating to financial obligations occupational health and safety equal opportunity privacy and ethical behaviour All training must be completed within the communicated timeframes to ensure that the Company meets its regulatory obligations Page 3 June 2017 McMillan Shakespeare Group Position Description MMSG Team and Leadership Behaviours TEAM VALUES Above & Beyond Better Together Driving better customer experiences Collaborating often and early Exceeding expectations Enabling and empowering others Teamwork Being courageous Facing challenges together not alone Make It Count Own It Doing things well Being accountable Seeing the bigger picture Taking responsibility Getting it right Facing the brutal facts TEAM BEHAVIOURS CUSTOMER We know that our success begins and ends with the way we serve and treat customers We will design and run our business Put yourself in the customer s as though we were the customer shoes We will always act with honesty towards one another and in our HONESTY INTEGRITY AND conduct of the business We will have the integrity and the COURAGE courage to do the right thing raise issues to listen and face the Face the brutal facts brutal facts no matter what the circumstances RESPECT We will always treat each other with respect and as we would wish others to treat us All of us want the opportunity to I ll do you no harm contribute and learn in a safe and secure environment TEAM We will put the interests of MMSG ahead of our individual interests and those of our business units and functions We Put the group before yourself understand that our interests are best served by serving the overall interests of the group and in particular its staff customers and shareholders OWNERSHIP AND URGENCY We will take ownership over even the most difficult tasks and situations We will not turn a blind eye We will ensure the right I ll do it now outcomes are achieved and approach our work with energy and a sense of urgency but not impatience COMMUNICATION We will take responsibility for ensuring open and honest communication We believe oral communication builds No surprises Circle the wagons relationships and creates clarity We will pick up the phone rather than send each other emails We will punctually attend meetings CONFLICT We understand it is the amalgam of our skills as a team that will make us successful We will engage in conflicts of ideas to It s OK to disagree ensure the best decisions are made for our business We will not allow those conflicts to become personal