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Job Posted: 10/08/2018

Job Category:

Graduate / Accounting / Commerce

Job description:
  • Gain internship positions in established and reputable companies in China in all career fields
  • Gain transferable skills, develop professional skills and expertise in your career field
  • Cultural immersive activities, programs and trips in China


Why Go Abroad China?

For over 13 years, Go Abroad China has been the leading provider of paid internships in China. We are affiliated with more than 600 established internship agencies and organisations in China and over 2000 internship opportunities to choose from. GAC has successfully created life-changing experiences through our Chinese internship and language programs arranged each year and have provided job and internship opportunities in China for young professionals and students worldwide. Our dynamic and guaranteed programs have attracted over 4000 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from over 80 countries globally, who have all gained professional and interpersonal skills, keeping them ahead in the job market.

Our internships are custom made, based on individual personal preferences, sectors, backgrounds, interests, and goals. We support and manage all your needs before you arrive in China and during your program, allowing you complete your internship program smoothly, explore the rich Chinese culture and have fun interacting with the locals and other foreigners living abroad. Our China Internship Programs prepare and help you accustom to your internship company environment.


Internship roles

We offer internship opportunities in all career fields such as;

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering Internships
  • International Business & Consulting Internship
  • Hospitality, Sports, Tourism &Hotel internship
  • Architecture and Interior Design internship
  • Marketing, PR & Advertising Internship
  • Green Technology & Environment Internship
  • Property & Real Estate Internship
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Internship
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Internship
  • Legal / law Internship
  • NGOs & Charities internship

Our internship program are structured to professionally develop and train you enabling you build your knowledge of each business while also adding value

As an intern, your tasks could range from carrying out administrative duties, managerial duties or customer support roles while under the direction and supervision of experienced professionals. This not only allows you to develop your skills but also enables you to be confident and accustomed to the work environment and more marketable to employers in your field.


Detailed tasks

Our clients have: 

  • Lead and completed tasks in a team;
  • Managed and Monitored market analysis
  • Monitored and assisted with developing business schemes and programs beneficial to serving their customers;
  • Maintained and carried out IT support, web development and networking duties in their internship companies
  • Created and carried out presentations on the company’s plans and goals.
  • Built meaningful and effective relationships through completing projects
  • Promoted their companies adding value while developing expertise in their career field



To be eligible for our programs, we require:

  • Proficient English language skills and mandarin though not necessary but beneficial.
  • Educational or work experience in your career field
  • Passion for your field of profession
  • A spirit of adventure
  • Eagerness to work and develop professionally and interpersonally.


How to apply?

To boost your resume, gain more professional skills and experience in your career field and be more marketable to employers, you should apply for our Chinese internship programs. Click below to submit an application or for any enquires you may have and one of our dedicated staff would respond within an hour.

It is advisable though to apply early, as these companies receive a lot of applications for their very competitive roles.