What to Look For In an Employer

A good employer can be the difference between loving or hating your job - but what makes a good employer? Read our post on what to look out for when job hunting!


What Makes a Good Employer? 

Before accepting a job offer it’s important to know as much about the employer as possible; what their mission statement is, what they value, and how they treat their employees. As you’ll spend a large portion of your week at week it’s vital to be in a good work environment, with people who believe in what they’re doing, and employers who foster a good work culture.

What jobseekers consider a good employer can be subjective however to what the jobseeker considers ‘valuable’ in an employer. As an example, those looking for work hours outside of set hours will consider employers who offer flexible work times valuable. While those who like to interact with their colleagues outside of work, might find regular team activities a plus!  Despite this there are a few things which make a good employer, regardless of what industry you work in, and what you consider a benefit as a jobseeker.

What to look for in an employer? 
Once you know what it is you want from an employer you can begin to your job search!
Apart from your personal requirements, there are a number of important factors to be considered when researching potential employers. We’ve outlined a few things to look for in an employer below so you’ll know what questions to ask and what to look out for:

Are they a Recognised Industry Leader?
Whether a company is a recognised industry leader will speak volumes about its reputation and credibility. This also provides some job stability, in that the company will likely be experiencing steady growth and is long-standing. Not to mention, this also looks great on your resume at a later stage of your employment should you decide to further your career elsewhere.

Do Opportunities Exist to Advance your Career Interstate of Overseas?
Realistically, the larger the size of the company, the more likely they are to have offices interstate and potentially even internationally. This in turn furthers your chances of career progression within the company and can give you the potential to experience some great travel opportunities.

What Training and Development do They Provide?
If career progression is a primary goal for you, then it’s important to find out what a potential employer can offer to support this. An important question to ask is whether the company provides training and development opportunities for its employees. An employer who values the growth of their employees will offer training and development to help them continue to advance.

What are the Company Culture and Workplace Benefits Like?
Workplace culture/benefits have a huge impact on the working environment and how happy you are in your job. Flexible work hours, health and wellbeing provisions and social events and team activities are just some of the bonuses to look for in a prospective employer. Employers that care about building a positive, healthy workplace which rewards hard workers with flexibility to control their work hours is one you’d want to work for.

Do they Have Realistic Workload Expectations?
Employers who understand you have a life outside of work, and acknowledge that you need this time to refresh, are valued employers. While nobody minds working overtime every now and then, if an employer constantly expects you to stay late, or provides you more work than you can handle on an on-going basis, this will not provide a positive outcome for neither the business, nor you as the employee in the long run.

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