What Makes a Great Place to Work

 With the average person spending one-third of their life at work, finding a great place to work is vital for our health and happiness. So what makes a great employer?
With the average person spending approximately one-third of their life at work, finding a great place to work is vital not only for paying the bills and putting food on the table, but also for our ongoing job satisfaction and personal happiness. Countless studies have shown that job satisfaction is directly related to job loyalty and productivity – with the social and financial benefits of being a great place to work shared equally between employee and employer. So what makes an organisation a great place to work? 
1. Trust
The defining feature of any organisation considered a great place to work is trust. Great employers trust their staff to do the right thing by their managers (and themselves), giving them the freedom to work autonomously and deliver the best results possible with minimal micro-management. It’s important to note that trust is a direct result of management building credibility amongst employees and treating each employee with a basic level of fairness and respect on a daily basis. From trust flows all the other attributes of a great working environment. 
2. Purpose
Employees need to feel like there is a real purpose behind the work they produce and not just a series of actions leading towards a poorly-defined or non-existent goal. This is vital for a happy employee and one of the easiest attributes for an employer to create. This can be done by simply communicating to staff from the beginning why their job matters to the organisation, and the positive effects of what they contribute to the organisation.
3. Autonomy 
No one likes being micro-managed, especially in a work environment, so this is best avoided.   Employees often perform better in a workplace which gives staff the ability to work autonomously (within reasonable guidelines). Giving staff workplace autonomy also allows them to challenge themselves and grow into their roles, whilst freeing up management time to focus on higher-level concerns away from the minutiae of day-to-day operations. 
4. Excellent Training & Benefits
While salaries are a priority for many employees; great pay is only one aspect of what makes an organisation a great place to work. Overall training and employee benefits form a much more important consideration in the minds of job-seekers and the employed alike; with perks such as flexible working hours, discounted health care, gym memberships and of course, excellent training opportunities factoring high up on the list. 
5. Pleasant Working Environment 
A good working environment is vital to making an organisation a great place to work. A pleasant working environment includes a space filled with natural light, greenery and comfortable furniture; all of which have been proven to enhance productivity and encourage more social interaction amongst staff and their superiors - leading to a stronger organisation. In addition, having good work culture and team events are extremely important in creating good workplace moral where employees don’t simply feel like ‘workers’.
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