What is a Night Fill Job?

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 What is a Night Fill Job? 

Night fill jobs, as the name suggest, only take place after hours when an establishment has finished trading for the day. The main reason that these jobs take place at night is so that these night shift workers can easily go about their work without having to maneuver around customers; as well as minimising the risk of occupational hazards.

So what are Some of the Most Popular Jobs for Night Fillers? 

1.      Fill Associate



Fill associates are one of the most popular night fill jobs available; and are responsible for distributing the necessary replenishment of stock to the stores or supermarkets.


 2.      Replenishment Team Member

As the name suggests, Replenishment Team Members are responsible for replenishing and merchandising of stock in the store or supermarket.

 3.      Replenishment Team Support

 Those in Replenishment Team Support roles are the individuals responsible for the communication of deliverables to the replenishment team.

 4.      Meat Team Member 
Meat Team Members are responsible for replenishment and merchandising purely of all meats and meat products.

5.      Recovery Presentation Associate

Recovery Presentation Associates coordinate the display of the store to ensure that everything is ‘recovered’ and restocked before the store opens for business. They also need to ensure the store is safe and clean.

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