University Lecturer Job Description

The University Lecturer job is one of the demanding jobs in australia. Read more to find out what it is work as a lecturer in University and explore the future career paths and related courses and trainings.

As anyone who has studied at university will likely recall, lecturers are a vital part of the university experience. From preparing and delivering engaging lectures in their specialty subjects, to answering questions and spending countless hours putting together assignments; the job of a university lecturer offers variety, social interaction, scholarly inquiry and most importantly – the opportunity to positively shape the future of their students. An added benefit of university lecturer jobs is the ability to combine your regular teaching responsibilities with further research in your particular field of interest, adding directly to the body of academic knowledge your institution holds. For these reasons, being a university lecturer comes with a degree of esteem, considerable opportunities to move up career-wise, and in many cases, great leave benefits. With the Australian Government’s Job Outlook website predicting the number of tertiary lecturers to grow from 59,000 today to just over 70,000 by 2020, employment prospects in this role are look positive for those interested in lecturing jobs. Below is a list of some of the roles and responsibilities of a lecturer:

•    Preparing and delivering regular lectures for students
•    Conducting tutorial sessions, seminars and laboratory classes (where relevant)
•    Guiding class discussions, whilst encouraging debate and feedback amongst students
•    Preparing and marking student assignments, essays, exams and providing one-on-one feedback on academic performance where necessary
•    Supervising the work of Postgraduate and Honours students, as well as tutorial staff
•    Attending departmental and faculty meetings with other staff members
•    Participating in course/degree setting committees, curriculum revision and academic planning
•    Conducting further research into their specific field of knowledge/interest
•    Compiling bibliographies of relevant materials for class reading assignments.


University Lecturer Jobs – What Personal Attributes & Skills Are Required?


It goes without saying the first key attribute to successfully fulfilling a role as a lecturer would be strong interpersonal communication skills, especially when considering that lecturers spend a great deal of their day-to-day jobs directly in front of students. Listening and critical thinking skills are also key for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different arguments and solutions and coming to logical conclusions based on the available evidence. As far as attributes go, a passion for being involved in the education of individuals tops the list!


How to Become a University Lecturer - Courses & Training 


To become a university lecturer within Australia, you typically need to first complete a degree in your field of study, preferably at Postgraduate or Doctoral level – which essentially signifies acquired expertise. Any previous teaching experience you might have such as having been a tutorial assistant to an experienced lecturer or professor will also be looked upon favourably by university faculty management – who are generally responsible for directly hiring their own academic/teaching staff. In many cases, lecturers are hired by their own university whilst completing a doctoral thesis, whilst others apply for outside universities having gained the necessary qualifications.


Future Career Paths


Job prospects for university lecturers in Australia are promising, with the federal government’s Job Outlook website predicting approximately 25,000-50,000 new openings in this field per year to 2020. Armed with a few years’ experience and peer-reviewed academic research, lecturers can move on to roles as Senior Lecturers or Professors or Associate Professors. Others might decide to take on roles in Education Management.

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