Top Jobs in Melbourne

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 Top Jobs in Melbourne – What’s Trending Right Now? 

While Melbourne’s employment growth has been steady over the past few years this is set to increase even more so in the next four years. According to a study conducted by Victoria University, there are expected to be 3.2 million jobs by 2020. So what are the top jobs in Melbourne which are currently trending in the employment industry?

Tech Jobs

It will come as no surprise that the tech industry is booming. With higher demand annually for more and more skilled digital professionals, this is an industry currently going through a time of great growth nationwide; and Melbourne is no different with the city experiencing a demand for tech professionals. This industry covers a number of jobs from graphic design to software development. The most exciting new fields being those of data science, digital communications and online security.

Trade Jobs

The Australian Government listed Trade jobs in the Metropolitan area in their latest Skills Shortage Report; with electricians, plumbers and cabinet makers all making it on to the list.  With opportunities in the management, architectural and planning side of things as well as the more specific roles within the plumbing, building and electrical solicitation currently in-demand across Melbourne. Additional Melbourne Trades Jobs include those for forklift drivers and site managers.

Account Management – The human face in front of the sales team is a pivotal role and one in high demand on the current Melbourne jobs market. Maintaining the relationships with key stakeholders, the account manager plays a pivotal role in client management and business retention/acquisition. Similar career paths with growth in the sector include sales management and sales consultancy. 

HospitalityCareers in hospitality will always be in high demand in cities like Melbourne where fine food is not only a luxury but a lifestyle. With the reputation that Melbourne has garnered as Australia’s food capital and one of the coffee capitals of the world, jobs in hospitality are both highly regarded and highly contested. Traditional opportunities such as baristas, bartenders and wait staff are constantly on the rise as new establishments are opened and current ones are expanded. Highly skilled hospitality careers are also seeing an upturn in opportunity with high turnover and constant demand for chefs and sommeliers as well as production careers in bean roasting and winemaking.

Healthcare – With Australia’s ageing population, it’s no wonder that healthcare and medical careers are becoming more sought after in Melbourne. Aged care is a growing industry along with a rise in demand for social-focused careers such as social workers, drug and alcohol counsellors and clinical psychologists. The focus of societal healthcare may be partly due to the continuous interest in mental illness, stress related diseases and social care; as well as government funding in this area of healthcare.

These are just some of the top jobs trending in Melbourne right now. For more employment opportunities in the world’s most livable city - check out our full list of Melbourne Jobs here!

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