Top Jobs in Australia for 2019

As 2019 begins, ApplyDirect takes a look at some top jobs in Australia with strong employment growth prospects job seekers should consider!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics “Over the past year, trend employment increased by 284,100 persons [2.3 per cent], which was above the average annual growth over the past 20 years [2 per cent],". This surpassed most expectations and has set the scene for 2019 to be a positive time for job seekers around the country. So what are the top jobs in Australia set to be for the year ahead? Looking at employment growth data for specific industries and sentiment amongst hiring managers, ApplyDirect has put together the following list to help you navigate the labour market and land yourself a well-paying job that will help you achieve your career goals!

  • #1: Healthcare & Social Assistance Job

A broad field encompassing everything from aged care jobs, childcare jobs to nursing jobs and beyond, the Healthcare & Social Assistance sector remains by far the largest employer in the Australian economy. This sector is very broad and consists mostly of government-funded organisations, although more private sector players are making their way into the medical clinic and specialist medical services space. Most importantly, the prospects for healthcare and social assistance jobs in 2019 and beyond remain very strong – with the NDIS being gradually rolled out across the country and an ageing population sure to keep demand for healthcare workers high.

  • #2: Construction Jobs

Australia’s love of real estate shows no signs of fading, despite the Sydney and Melbourne property markets coming off the boil following consecutive years of frenetic price growth. This is good news for tradies seeking well paid construction jobs. However, whilst less Australians might be buying new property for themselves, those with existing properties are upgrading their humble abodes, inspired by countless home reno shows on TV. And with our population growing by 1.96% in 2018, demand for construction workers is set to continue to remain high in 2018.

  • #3: Education & Training Jobs

Education remains another booming sector of the Aussie economy, driven by the large number of international students who seek out Australia as a destination for world class tertiary degrees. In particular, teaching jobs  are strong performers, especially in the fast growing outer suburbs of Australia’s biggest cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane where young families continue flocking to new housing developments. We expect this strong demand for education & training jobs to continue in 2019.

  • #4: Hospitality Jobs

Australia is one of the world’s most coveted holiday destinations, with a vast industry of bars, cafes, hotels and tourism operators supporting a strong base for hospitality jobs across the country. With the increasingly wealthy middle classes of fast developing Asian nations particularly interested in our laid-back image of sun, sand and surf and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to be held in April, demand for tourism and hospitality jobs is set to continue growing robustly throughout 2019.

  • #5: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Ranging from legal, accounting, consulting and research to advertising and computer systems design this is a large industry is set for even more growth in 2019. With over one million workers already in the industry. Due to advances in technology and the vast about of data that businesses are now able to capture, but struggle to process, store and draw insights from, the demand for those with technological skills who can quickly identify the needs of a business, has never been higher. Many of these roles support other industries as this workforce is highly skilled, typically with a university degree.

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