Top Roles for People Who Don’t Like Office Jobs

Ever dreamt of escaping the office for a different kind of 9 to 5? Read our latest article on the best roles for those who don’t like to work in an office.

Many Australians work in office jobs, sharing open floor plans and cubicle walls with their office colleagues. While many individuals thrive in an office setting, there are those who prefer a different kind of work environment. These people prefer jobs that give them a more diverse work space, and flexible working hours. The good news is there are many career choices available to cater to these preferences. Here are few of the best roles for those who don’t like to work in an office:

Teacher Jobs 
A job as a teacher will provide a very diverse work environment as you’ll likely be working from different rooms, theatres, buildings and possibly even institutions. Teachers are generally employed either by state government education departments (public system) or directly by private schools on a contractual basis (private system). Related positions also include university lecturer and professor jobs which teaching professionals can move up to after they’ve gained sufficient experience. The best part of being a teacher is the regular social interaction and the freedom to work flexible hours in diverse work environments. 

Real Estate Jobs 
With a booming property market and a strong demand for local property from overseas investors, jobs in real estate have been increasing in popularity and demand.
As a real estate agent you will spend considerable time visiting properties, interacting with buyers and sellers and being out and about, away from a desk for most of the day, which would suit those who like being on the road!

 • Personal Trainer Jobs 
Becoming a personal trainer is an ideal job for those who like to socialise and keep active for a living, and are becoming increasingly popular as Australians take a greater interest in their personal health and wellbeing. A job as a personal trainer also gives you the flexibility to set your own hours, choose your own clients, and even work outdoors if you wish to do so. 
Nursing Jobs 
Deciding to become a nurse will not only provide you with a sense of fulfilment by helping others, but also with social interaction and moving around hospital wards from patient to patient; keeping you on your feet and away from a desk for most of the day! Choosing a job in nursing also provides numerous pathways available to more specialised positions within our expansive healthcare system.

Geology Jobs 
What could be better than getting paid to spend all day outdoors examining rare rocks and minerals across the vast and varied landscapes of Australia? For this reason geology jobs are a great fit for the scientifically and adventure inclined among us. Whilst jobs in this field aren’t as common as others mentioned in this list, they still exist both locally and abroad for those with the necessary education and experience. 
Gardening Jobs 
This job requires many hours outdoors doing physical labour but also the opportunity to be surrounded by nature and be creative at the same time! This makes gardening jobs another ideal choice for anyone seeking an escape from an office environment. With the popularity of home renovations coupled with new public parks and housing estates popping up around our cities, qualified green thumbs are in high demand across the country!
Pilot Jobs 
Literally one of the ‘top’ jobs you can get in the world (if thinking about altitude!) is being a pilot. This job will literally allow you to fly across the globe – giving you the opportunity to travel and (if time permits!) experience unique cultures and attractions of your stopover city. It’s not all fun and games though, becoming a pilot requires extensive training and are responsible for the safety of your passengers. 
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