Retail Paradise

Retailers are Australia's largest employers and with reports that more than 50% of Aussie retailers are planning to hire staff in the next 12 months – maybe you should be asking yourself if you are ready for retail.

A career in retail can be a dynamic job full of variety. It is a fast paced industry that offers real opportunity at any phase in your working life. Regardless of whether you want a rewarding long term career or you are just looking for flexible hours to make some extra cash, the answer might be right in front of you.

First timers

The retail industry is a haven for younger workers looking to get their foot in the workforce door. Retailers are often on the lookout for junior staff and many will offer inexperienced workers an opportunity in busy periods, such as the lead up to Christmas or stocktake sale periods. If you are considering retail as your career, many retailers offer training programs or traineeships which are a structured combination of study and on-the-job experience. A job in retail will allow you to work your way up the ranks and is an industry with a multitude of exciting career pathways. 


Retail can offer a world of opportunity in hours that suit student life – secondary, tafe or university. Many retail employers look for a staffing pool to fill the early morning, afternoon or late night shifts. Weekend work is also readily available and it often attracts penalty rates or ‘loadings’, meaning it can be lucrative as well.

The skills gained in a workplace can be as valuable as education on your resume. There are highly transferable skills all waiting to be learned in the retail sector. Communication, time management, punctuality, problem solving, patience, customer service, cash handling (and the list goes on)… all valuable life skills.

Family time

With families juggling busy schedules and financial commitments, there are not many jobs that can offer the flexibility that retail does. With a variety of hours and shifts available 7 days a week, sometimes 24 hours a day, having a job in retail can mean you are able to earn money and meet your busy family commitments too. 

Older workers

The issue of unemployed older workers is a debate that flares up every now and then but one sector that bucks the trend and often opens its arms to seniors is retail. Then again, it’s not that surprising. Older worker are seen as being able to offer maturity, reliability and honesty – all important traits for a role in retail.  Often looking for part time work or an avenue to subsidise their retirement, retail positions for seniors can be a perfect fit, offering manageable and flexible hours, all usually close to home.

Retail can also offer you the chance to work in an environment you love. From fashion, sport, technology, homewares, food or hardware. 

Retail is a world of opportunity waiting to be discovered. If you’re thinking about a new career or just looking for a change, check out the exciting retail roles.

Are you Ready for Retail?

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