Life as a Retail Assistant - Job Description

Ever wondered what it's like to work as a Retail Assistant? Read our latest post which outlines a full retail manager job description.

 Retail Assistant Job Description 

Retail Assistants can be found in stores, shops and boutiques right across the country and form the backbone of the vibrant and ever-changing Australian retail industry. They prepare the store for a day of trading, answer customer questions on the spot, man the tills, conduct sales transactions and ensure the smooth day-to-day running of retail operations under the supervision of a Store Manager. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping customers with finding products they are looking for - with the ultimate aim of encouraging them to buy and return again for future purchases
  • Advising customers on the price of items
  • Liaising with other stores and arranging the transportation and delivery of items ordered from other store locations if a desired item is out of
  • Notifying Store Manager when items are out of
  • Operating the cash registers, taking payments and performing refunds/store credits where
  • Packaging of goods for customers and arrange delivery of relevant
  • Ensuring the store is clean and tidy, and that products are priced and displayed
  • Participating in periodical stocktake of all goods in
  • Arranging for damaged goods to be repaired or exchanged

 Working as a Retail Assistant – What Attributes and Skills are Required? 

Due to the highly social nature of this role and the responsibilities of dealing with customers on a daily basis, a successful Retail Assistant will require good interpersonal and communication skills, a helpful and friendly manner, well-groomed personal appearance, the ability to work with money, good problem-solving skills and above all the ability to work efficiently as part of a bigger team. In addition to these skills and attributes, prior customer service experience is also favourable when applying for Retail Assistant jobs.

Salary Expectations:

According to Payscale, Retail Assistant jobs generally pay between $15.36 per hour for a junior position and up to $22.81 per hour for individuals who already have previous retail experience. However this naturally varies by employer, employee experience and location. This field of work also often attracts additional income in the form of bonuses and/or commissions in addition to set wages.

Courses and Training:

No specific qualifications are generally required to become a Retail Assistant, as this is usually an entry-level position and the first step in the road to a successful retail career. However, having a certificate or diploma in retail services will only help you when applying to work in retail. Certain retail organisations also provide their own vocational training programs.

Future Career Paths:

A Retail Assistant will usually gain invaluable first-hand experience in their role dealing directly with customers, handling their queries and complaints whilst preparing the store for trading and keeping on top of inventory and other administrative issues. So after a few years’ experience they are well-equipped with the basic interpersonal and retail management skills needed for progression into more senior positions such as Retail Manager, Store Manager and even more specialist marketing roles such as Brand Manager or Product Manager.

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