Life as a Psychologist - Job Description

Ever wondered what it's like to work as a psychologist? Read our psychologist job description outlining responsibilities, salary expectations and more! 

Life can be an amazing journey full of joy and excitement, but at other times it can be stressful, and problems we’ve had can be difficult to deal with on our own. That’s when the value of a professionally-trained psychologist becomes crucial in helping us deal with tough times. A clinical psychologist can draw upon their in-depth knowledge of the human psychology to help their patients deal with complex mental health issues – ranging from depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions and beyond. Some of the key day to day tasks and responsibilities of a psychologist include:
·      Assessing the general mental health of patients, their mental abilities and behavior through conducting a variety of psychological tests including psychometric tests, one-on-one interviews and direct behavioral observations.
·      Working alongside other health professionals including clinical doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and other psychologists as part of a multidisciplinary team to address the mental health issues of patients.
·      Developing, implementing and monitoring treatment programs including counselling and therapy.
·      Maintaining a high quality general standard of patient care.
·      Consulting with other mental health professionals to adopt a systematic approach to dealing with mental health issues within a particular community or facility.
·      Providing counselling and support to carers of the mentally ill.
·      Conducting applied clinical research into mental health conditions.
·      Keeping up-to-date with the latest findings and developments in the international field of psychology to ensure patients are always receiving the best standard of care possible.
Working in Psychology – What Personal Attributes and Skills are Required?
Due to the nature of a job in psychology, to successfully work as a psychologist requires balancing empathy for your patients, with the ability to separate your work and the issues you deal with in a clinical setting from the rest of your life outside of work. You’ll also require strong interpersonal communication skills, as well as sharp analytical and problem-solving skills as you will be faced with mental health problems on a daily basis which you will need to help your patients through.
Salary Expectations
According to, the median annual salary for a psychologist is approximately $66,119, with this figure ranging from $48,836 for an entry-level position to $91,124 for someone with more experience. This will obviously depend on experience, the facility you work for, and the state you work in. As psychologists can often be on-call on a 24/7 basis, all workers in this field enjoy penalty rates when rostered on for public holiday, after-hours, and Sunday shifts.
Courses and Training
To work as a psychologist and achieve professional registration with the Australian Psychological Society (APS) requires an undergraduate degree in Psychology as a bare minimum (generally a 3 year degree), followed by 1 year postgraduate training as well as a 2 year provisional registration which combines academic study with practical on-the-job training. After 6 years of study and having successfully completed all training, you will then be eligible to become an accredited psychologist.
Future Career Paths
More than 25,000 Australians are currently employed in the psychology industry; and according to Job Outlook – an Australian Government initiative - employment prospects are expected to grow in over the coming decade. With additional training and medical registration, psychologists can also move into the field of psychiatry or if they prefer a less clinical environment, becoming a social and youth worker is another option.
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