Jobs for Active Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are redefining retirement by keeping active and engaged in the workforce. Learn about the type of jobs ideal for today’s active baby boomers.


Jobs for Active Baby Boomers: How to Make the Most of Retirement


Australia’s 5.5 million strong baby boomer cohort, which covers those born in the prosperous post-war years between 1946-1965, are now well into the second half of their lives. Given the age of the younger half of the baby boomer population, many are now in their peak earning years and would have reached the apex of their careers. Many of these baby boomers would have paid off their mortgage by now and (hopefully!) accumulated large enough savings in superannuation to consider retirement. But something has changed in recent years as many over 60’s are shunning the idea of an idle retirement in favour of “active retirement” – where they keep engaged within the workforce and/or their local communities well beyond the official retirement age; which is currently 65. So what are some of the more common jobs for baby boomers who aren’t yet ready to hang up their work attire and ease into a quiet life?


Volunteer, Community & Charity Jobs 

One of the most common jobs for baby boomers who are keen to enjoy an active retirement – particularly those who want to ‘give back’, are volunteer, community and charity jobs. These type of jobs are especially well-suited to people over 50 as their life experience and interpersonal communication skills often gives them a much deeper appreciation of the importance of community and the empathy to deal effectively with people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. Volunteer jobs are generally speaking much easier to find given they don’t require a financial commitment from the employer and also because charities and local community organisations rely on volunteers for their very existence. Another key benefit of these sorts of jobs, is the possibility of staying connected to your local community and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve helped others. 



Local Government Jobs 

If staying engaged within the local community and helping others is a high priority, but financial circumstances still dictate the need for a set income, then local government jobs provide another good option for enthusiastic baby boomers. Local government authorities generally deliver the same kinds of services as charity and volunteering organisations, although with the backing of a funded budget. Popular local government jobs suitable for an active retirement may include being a school crossing supervisor, working for the local library, managing local arts and cultural facilities or perhaps even assisting at a local childcare centre


Hospitality Jobs 

Hospitality is another industry popular amongst Australians of retirement age who’d still like to keep active and engaged. Hospitality jobs for baby boomers can include roles such as working behind the counter at your local café, maintaining the wine cellar at your local restaurant or vineyard, housekeeping at a local bed & breakfast or even working as a tour guide at a local tourist attraction. Tour guide jobs are particularly well suited to baby boomers bitten by the “travel bug” and keen to spend as much time outdoors. 


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