TOP 5 In-Demand Healthcare Jobs in Australia

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 5 In-demand Healthcare Jobs in Australia 

The demand for healthcare jobs is increasing due to a rapidly ageing population which will drive additional demand for employment in the aged care, nursing, physiotherapy and other healthcare sectors in coming decades. With a federal government Health Workforce Australia study predicting a shortfall of 109,000 nurses and 2,700 doctors in Australia by 2025, healthcare is now an attractive industry for those seeking a career; in fact the Department of Employment has stated that around 25% of all jobs created between now and 2017 are expected to come from the healthcare and Social Assistance Industries. Five of the most in-demand jobs in the healthcare sector include:


  • Aged Care Nurse

With a recent study by National Seniors Australia predicting demand for Aged Care workers within Australia to double in the 5 years to 2020, aged care is undoubtedly one of the most promising career paths on offer at the moment. Aged Care workers are in many ways unsung heroes of our community, taking care of the medical and social needs of the elderly on a round-the-clock daily basis, ensuring their final years are as comfortable as possible for both themselves and their families. Even better for jobseekers, jobs in aged care  usually only require a Certificate III in Aged Care from a TAFE college.


  • Clinical Nurse

Alongside Doctors, Clinical Nurses are the backbones of a hospital system, tending to patients throughout the wards by administrating medicine, comforting those in distress, and assisting other medical staff to provide the highest standard of care possible. To work as a clinical nurse usually requires a basic Graduate Diploma in Nursing, followed by a Bachelor of Clinical Nursing.


  • General Practitioners

General practitioners – or GP’s as they are commonly referred - perform one of the most important roles in medicine, often being the first point of contact within the wider healthcare system. Despite an increase in General Practitioners during the past few decades, there is still high demand for individuals looking for a job as a GP; particularly in rural areas.


  • Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist jobs are another in-demand occupation within the healthcare sector and are only set to grow as more and more Australians reach the end of their working lives with a range of physical conditions which will need to be carefully managed. As with GP’s, this is another job within the healthcare industry which requires a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum.


  • Social Worker

As one of the most understaffed occupations in the healthcare sector, Social Workers are in high demand. According to the Australian Government Initiative – Job Outlook – the number of jobs on offer for Social Workers is expected to be above average over the next five years; with Victoria employing the most Social workers, followed by New South Wales.


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