Highest Paying Hospitality Jobs in Australia

 Hospitality jobs are plentiful in Australia, but ever wondered which the highest paying jobs in the industry are? Visit our Job Seeker Resource Hub to find out!.

Hospitality Jobs in Australia





With an enviable lifestyle, higher than average wages, and a constant influx of tourists and working-holiday makers to our shores, hospitality jobs are as in-demand as ever. From barista jobs to wait staff, to chef or other food and beverage jobs, there are exciting opportunities to find a lucrative job in hospitality.




Highest Paying Hospitality Jobs in the Industry

General Hotel Managers currently command the highest average salaries of all professionals within the Australian hospitality industry; earning approximately $78,000 - $82,000 annually, which is above the national annual average of $75,603. Executive Chef’s come in with the second highest salaries in the industry with an annual wage of approximately $70,000 – 75,000. However, with the strong growth of overseas tourism into Australia, demands for skilled hospitality professionals are likely to support an increase in jobs across all sectors within the industry. So what are the top 10 highest paying positions in this industry?


·         General Hotel Manager – $78,000 - $82,000
·         Executive Chef – $70,000 - $75,000
·         Restaurant Managers $58,000 - $69,000
·         Head Chef - $55,000 - $60,000
·         Hotel Manager - $55,000 - $62,000
·         Airline Customer Support Officers $55,000 - $69,000
·         Gaming Hosts $52,000- $63,000
·         Sous Chefs $50,000 - $53,000
·         Food and Beverage Manager (General) -  $58,000 - $62,000
·         Cook $48,000 - $53,000





Wait and Bar Staff in High Demand

Over and above the above mentioned positions, there are other, lower-paying hospitality jobs currently in high demand across Australia. These include Wait Staff - which experienced a 41% rise in employment growth in the year to May 2014. While Bar Staff, Tour Guides, Chefs and Cooks, which increased 35%, 30%, and 21% respectively. So overall, Australia’s hospitality sector is a great place to build a career for those seeking social environments, flexible working hours, a great range of locations, and roles which offer clear pathways to advancement and some enviable salaries!


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