Find Volunteer and Charity Jobs in Australia

Looking to give back this year by donating your time, or finding a job in a not-for-profit organisation? Read our post on how to find a volunteer or charity job.

Find Volunteer and Charity Jobs in Australia 

A new year is always a good time to consider helping those less fortunate than ourselves; whether it is finding volunteering opportunities on our spare time, or finding a full time job volunteering job. For those seeking a simple yet meaningful way to “give back” to the broader community, volunteer and charity jobs provide an ideal channel for those wanting to harness their energy for altruistic purposes in a job they enjoy. Thankfully, the non-profit sector in Australia is well developed and extensive, meaning many charity jobs and volunteer positions are available across the country at any one time. Continue reading for more information on how to find a volunteer job:


Finding Opportunities: From Brand-name Charities to Local Organisations 

Australia is home to a vibrant charity landscape which provide countless jobs across the country with well-known local organisations and global brand-name charities in a range of fields, from youth work, community health services, donation management, soup kitchen volunteering to overseas aid + development and beyond. Some of Australia’s biggest and most trusted charity organisations include locally and globally-focused operations. A good way to find these charity and volunteer jobs is to start by searching online; this is a good way to find jobs or volunteer positions listed by many different organisations. 


Local Community Jobs in Australia

Another option to consider when seeking work in the non-profit sector are local community jobs, meaning jobs with grassroots local community organisations as opposed to one of the big “brand-name” charities previously mentioned. Thanks to Australia’s strong democratic traditions and the tax-free status of charities, literally thousands of volunteer local community jobs exist throughout the cities and towns which make up the nation. These jobs range from common roles in youth work, disability care, assisted living to more niche roles dealing with individuals from specific ethnic or linguistic backgrounds. 


Tips for Applying for Charity Jobs and Volunteer Positions

Charity and volunteer organisations tend to look for the same attributes in potential employees/volunteers as commercial businesses; namely good communication skills, basic organisational skills, personal integrity, honesty and diligence. However due to the unique nature of this work, they also value individuals with a strong sense of community, an awareness of social issues, kindness, and most importantly a passion for helping others. 

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