Our Top Picks for Exciting Summer Jobs

Summer and seasonal jobs are both fun and fleeting. Here's a list of our top summer jobs - escape the heat or embrace it and make some extra cash!

Summer is coming, and with it the opportunities of seasonal jobs to have some extra cash coming in, in a period where most of seems to go out! Whether it be splashing in the sea, taking the kids for a walk in the park, selling your favourite book titles or crunching numbers at a summer internship; the best time to find a summer job is now, just before the season hits! Have a peek into what you might like to achieve this summer with this list of ultimate summer jobs.


Summer Internships and apprenticeships Obtaining an apprenticeship or internship during the summer can be a great way to get career experience in your chosen field or area of study. Not only is it a great way to get ahead in your career, but it can also improve your professional workplace etiquette and interpersonal skills; helpful to any industry or focus. Whether it be volunteering at your local park, completing an apprenticeship with a bakery, trying your hand at construction or interning at a newspaper in your city; there are many options for you to further your knowledge and career growth in a summer internship, apprenticeship or traineeship programme. Let the sky be the limit this summer and remember; you’re never too old to try something new.


LifeguardBeing a lifeguard isn’t always a seasonal position, however there tend to be many more opportunities on offer in summer for a role like this. Whether you’re working the local pool, aquatic centre, gym pool or beachfront, there’s a lot of responsibility and knowledge necessary for this important summer job. General pool lifeguards are tasked with acquiring first aid and bronze medallion qualifications as well as general fitness tests and trials. Australian Lifeguard Service lifeguards are even more highly qualified than other types requiring a surf lifesaving bronze medallion, multiple first aid certificates, silver medallion in basic beach management and various vehicle licences. This is a rewarding position for teens and adults alike, however, is an extremely mentally and physically demanding position that should not be taken lightly. With the right training and experience, this exciting summer job could make your summer entirely by the beach.   


Retail Christmas CasualChristmas is one of the busiest times of the year for most people in the western world, however, no more so than for retail professionals. Considering the multitudes of gifts, the influx of tourists, annual sales days and general holiday mindset; retail stores are busier than ever over this period creating the need for seasonal staff to help bear the brunt of the retail frenzy of the holiday season. Whether it be your favourite department store, cinema complex or boutique label; everyone is looking for help around this time. Christmas casual positions are the epitome of a seasonal job opportunity and are perfect for those wanting to earn some extra cash over the silly season as well as teenagers and students on holiday. 


Seasonal Event and Functions – As with the retail, another industry which sees a demand in workers is hospitality due to an increase in people traveling during this period, as well as Christmas, end of, and start of year events and functions occurring. Casual summer staff are often required during this time to keep up with the demand of celebrations, work functions and seasonal events. Roles on offer may include catering assistants, event co-ordinators, wait staff, event attendants and many more. This type of summer work is great as they can often provide a variation on working hours, days and locations, ensuring you can work your seasonal job around enjoying as much of your summer while it lasts!

These are just a few summer jobs on offering. To find additional summer jobs, visit our casual jobs page.

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