Nursing Roles in the Healthcare Industry

Learn about the wide variety of nursing roles available in the healthcare industry, from midwifery, emergency nursing to registered nursing and more!


Anyone who has ever visited a hospital or been a patient at a medical clinic will appreciate the diligence and caring nature of the nursing profession. As one of the more important and challenging roles in our society, nursing forms the backbone of our public and private healthcare systems, ensuring the needs of patients are taken care. 
This of course is good news for anyone seeking nursing jobs in Australia. This profession now employs over 345,000 Australians and is expanding as our general population continues to age. Another benefit inherent in nursing jobs is their variety, with a qualified nurse able to build their career in one of many specialised roles. In this article we cover some of the most common nursing roles available and what they involve on a daily basis.

Emergency Nursing Jobs: 
At the frontline of our hospital system are emergency nurses. They are the first people victims of assaults, car crashes, cuts, falls and other serious accidents are likely to deal with when they arrive at the ER. Emergency nurses work as part of a bigger team that includes doctors and trauma surgeons, assisting their colleagues to stabilise the critically ill or injured patients. This nursing role can be intense, but also very fulfilling when you get to help saves lives. 

Midwife Jobs: 
Midwives are most-commonly employed by hospitals and are responsible for assisting women during pregnancy, childbirth and the early stages following childbirth. Given Australia’s stable birth rate, demand for midwife jobs is constant and provides exposure to other areas of medical practice including obstetrics and pediatrics.
Nursing Assistant Jobs
Similar to the roles held by nurses in retirement villages and nursing homes, nursing assistant jobs  involve the ongoing monitoring and care of patients with acute conditions that require them to stay in hospital for prolonged periods of time. As a nursing assistant you will work closely with registered nurses to help maintain patient hygiene, monitor their weight and vital signs, assist their mobility and treat simple wounds or other minor complaints in a timely manner. 
Registered Nurse Jobs
Registered nurses are responsible for supervising and leading teams of more junior nurses to deliver high quality care to patients within their jurisdiction. Registered nurses are also responsible for reporting patient outcomes to doctors and other more senior members of hospital management. They also deal directly with patients themselves, administrating medication, maintaining their personal hygiene and dealing with minor complaints. 
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