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Interested in a career in beauty and fashion? Read our latest post which outlines details of some of the main roles within these industries.

Careers in beauty and fashion can be extremely varied and all require highly individualised skill sets with a myriad of workplaces where they can be used. Have a browse through some of the roles below to see what these different jobs within the fashion and beauty industries have to offer.


Beauty Therapy –Some services you may be doing as a beauty therapist include waxing, massage, manicures, pedicures, tanning and eyelash tinting or dying. There are many things to think about when looking into a career in beauty including medical questionnaires and risk management you will need to go through to avoid any complications with clients who are wanting particular procedures. Qualifications for these careers usually involve short courses from TAFEs or tailored beauty schools. Keeping up with new technologies and product developments will keep you up to date and competitive in the market. As the beauty industry is a completely client facing one, administration skills will be required along with a friendly and personable demeanour to relax clients and evoke a trusting environment that people feel comfortable, knowing that they will be dealt with in a caring and confidential way. Being a good listener is a huge plus as beauty therapists often become confidants to their regular clients, sometimes forging long-term professional relationships.


Fashion Careers – Careers in fashion are highly sought after and extremely competitive. There are many ways to make inroads into these competitive fields including some of the following. Working in retail as a store manager or sales assistant is one way to get on the ladder to your dream of working in fashion as it gives you first-hand experience of fashion on the frontline. Visual merchandising is a back-of-house opportunity to get involved with if you have an eye for teaming pieces and designing store and window layout. Working on fashion editorials or becoming a PA to someone you admire within the industry are a little harder to come by, but also great inroads into an industry which is often referred to as a closed circle. These experiences take you through some of the more complicated and demanding roles within the industry making sure you know what it takes to climb the ladder within the fashion world. Working in related industries such as social media marketing, advertising and PR are also helpful in gaining professional experience that will be handy in getting into the industry you want. These roles all require creativity and motivation which will be integral to your induction into any career in fashion. Other roles to look into include buying, design work, actual clothes making and of course, interning.


Hairdressing – This is one of the most popular beauty careers for people to begin as it often gives you many of the skills and opportunities to create your own business, as well as working within established salons. An important port of call for most individuals, there will never be a shortage in demand for quality hairdressers. This role is extremely client facing and involves many of the following skills; advising clients on haircare procedures, styling hair, providing haircuts, selling styling products, maintaining facial hair and waxing and also complex chemical knowledge and procedures when using harmful toxins to dye and style hair. Hairstyling and hairdressing duties extend also to the social stratosphere encompassing strong communication skills, excellent listening capabilities and the ability to engage with people from all walks of life. Hairdressers will need to train to obtain hairdressing qualifications to work in a salon, maintain a regular chair in a salon, or begin their own business.


Masseuse – A masseuse or massage therapist is skilled in techniques used to relax or manipulate muscles. There are massage therapists with specialised skills in many industries including both the beauty therapy and medical industries. Different qualifications are needed for all of the varying options within this field, however, the minimum qualification is usually one obtained from a technical school or specialised education trainer. Masseuses are required to provide different types of oil and dry massages, expert knowledge of how muscles work and interact with one another, tips and instruction for clients on how to relax their muscles and soft tissues along with multiple massage techniques and styles for particular muscle strains and stresses. Masseuses are able to work in spa facilities, salons, and even cruise ships. Just like many of the other roles within the beauty industry, it’s desirable for a masseuse to have a relaxing, calming presence, and have excellent interpersonal skills.   

Interested in a career in the beauty and fashion industries but want to see other roles outside of the ones mentioned above? Visit our Fashion and Beauty Jobs page to view all available jobs listed direct by employers in these fields!

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