Careers in Education - What are the Options?

Looking for a career in education? Read our article to find more about what options you have for this career path.

When thinking about a career in education, the simplest answer is usually to become a teacher. However, this information-rich career sector offers many more options at a closer look. Here are some familiar education career paths along with a few less trodden. 

Teacher – The basic choice for education specialists, the humble role of the teacher has helped shape generations of young people and children into well-educated citizens. Primary school educators are usually responsible for teaching a singular homeroom class basic subject based curriculum as well as life skills, specialist creative workshops and basic societal practices. Secondary educators are responsible for more disciplined fields and encourage students to consider different subject matter in accordance to their career aspirations. High school educators are often specialists in their field and sometimes offer support in other non-curriculum based activities like school camp, drama productions as well as coaching and coordinating school sporting teams. 

Early Childhood Educator – Early childhood education includes many skilled workers from the day care sector, kindergartens, playgroups and sometimes even specialised educational bodies for pre-school children. Some schools offer early childhood learning centers to prepare young children for the more structured lifestyle of primary school early. The task set for many of these professionals includes inspiring and developing motor skills development, correct speech and language, behavioral standards and overall learning. As with most careers in education, there are many facets not included in the teaching description brief including emotional intelligence among other things. 

Library & Information Specialists – There are a couple of options when it comes to librarian and information specialists. Teacher librarians are librarians with qualifications in both teaching and librarianship. The difference between a regular school librarian and a teacher librarian is that teacher librarians are responsible for advocating and designing new and innovative ways to provide effective library and information programs that contribute to development and learning in children and teenagers. Other librarian duties include knowledge of advanced referencing and database systems, programmatic use of library technologies and researching literature and learning resources.  

Special Needs – Special needs education specialists are responsible for the education of individuals with learning difficulties or disabilities such as sensory, intellectual, emotional or physical impairment. Special needs educators have a number of different styles to their roles depending on where they are employed including providing their services one-on-one in the mainstream school system as well as educating individuals at special schools designed for those with learning difficulties. Working in this sector requires a specific temperament as well as training in the planning and implementation of bespoke teaching methods to match individuals’ needs. 

Tutor – This is a good opportunity for university students completing their honors or masters to make a bit of money on the side of their studies. Students with excellent academic records are able to apply for tutoring roles at theirs, and other universities in disciplines that they are majoring in, have extensive knowledge of or are writing theses on. University tutors are often also lecturers or professors in their specialist disciplines. Some of the things that university tutors are responsible for hosting workshops, creating and managing resources, assisting students in their queries and difficulties understanding concepts as well as meeting with their supervisor regularly to help ensure quality work and management processes. 

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