Best Summer Jobs

The New Year is also a great time to find a job, or for those considering a career change. Whether it’s full-time work, or simply a casual job to tide you through the summer period, there is a wide variety of jobs available. 

Sun, summer and surf, what’s not to like about summertime in Australia! Below are a few of the best summer jobs!

Bar Jobs: Fun, Drinks & Friends 

One of the most popular forms of work during the summer period is bar jobs. These are plentiful in Australia with literally thousands of bars/hotels/pubs to be found across the country; everywhere from the trendy inner city neighbourhoods of the capital cities to smaller regional towns. We have more than 1,800 bar jobs available from employers looking to hire this summer!


Lifeguard Jobs:  Keep Others Safe Whilst Keeping Active 

What can be more Australian than enjoying a hot summers day at the local pool or beach! Since we’re such an outdoors, water loving nation, demand for lifeguard jobs soars at this time of year, whether that be volunteer surf lifeguards to patrol public beaches or professionally-trained and paid lifeguards to keep an eye over local government-run public pools. Naturally, being a good lifeguard requires strong swimming skills, physical fitness and the ability to deal effectively with others. Sound like a role for you? Then visit ApplyDirect today for a range of lifeguard jobs currently on offer. 


Tour Guide Jobs: Showcase your Local Knowledge

As tourism industry ramps up during the hotter summer months, so does the need for tour guides and tour operators to showcase the best of what a place has to offer! Being a tour guide or operator allows you to help people get the best out of their holidays, and can often mean you are accompanying them to different attractions or sites – making it a perfect job for those who prefer to be out and about. These jobs suit those who have excellent customer service skill and are friendly and approachable (good knowledge about a local area also goes a long way!) If this sounds like you, then view the jobs we have on offer for tour guides and operators.




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