The Best Seasonal Jobs in Australia

Looking for a jobs that's exciting, varied and changes as the seasons do? Read our latest blog post which outlines some of the best seasonal jobs in Australia!

Seasonal Work – What is it all about? 
Seasonal work is just that – work that aligns with different seasons throughout the year. This means most of these jobs are not continuous, as employees look for seasonal workers when they need them! Thanks to Australia’s very distinct seasons this could mean working at a ski field during snow season to being a lifeguard during the summer. Read on for a few of the best seasonal jobs in Australia.

Some of the Best Seasonal Jobs in Australia 
Sea Based Jobs – There are a number of maritime career options that are more often than not seasonally timed with long periods of high productivity and extended time periods off. Shipping and transporting careers involve deck work, engine room roles, officers, engineers and kitchen staff so there are many opportunities for all types in these careers. Similarly varied are roles on commercial fishing boats and cruise ships where there are the obvious basic maintenance, technical and practical roles along with a myriad of specialist roles such as entertainment and industry based (eg: fishing) specialists. Other seasonal roles on the high seas include government (police, rescue services, coast guard) and defence force jobs, oil rigging jobs, research and scientific missions as well as off-shore expeditions and testing. 

Tutoring Jobs – Tutoring work is flexible and may be in demand throughout the year, however this work is likely to most in-demand during semester – and particularly just prior to exam time. You don’t need a teaching certification for most tutoring roles, however having one will make you additionally desirable. Different types of tutors are needed for different ages and specialties such as kindergarten tutors that teach children general life skills like patience and listening; primary school tutors that assist children of primary school age who may have trouble achieving success in the standardised school system as well as primary tutors who specialise in different subject matter such as English and maths. Further examples of tutors include general high school tutors for students with learning difficulties, subject based high school tutors, special needs tutors for mentally handicapped students, and homework helping tutors who are used to help students concentrate and provide basic homework assistance. There are tutors within many of these streams at a tertiary level, also. 

National Park/Wildlife Jobs – National park and wildlife jobs can be both seasonal and full time roles. Some of the more seasonal work in this industry can include education specialists that assist in providing education to tour/school groups, trainers/keepers who may be hired as extra help during the most popular seasons (such as school holidays), or Park attendants who are usually required over busier seasons to help with lodging and F&B jobs – bartending, food prep and housekeeping. Other seasonal roles include wildland firefighters, science technicians, archaeologists, biologists, scientists and research assistants hired on seasonal bases to perform specific seasonal work as needed.  

Retail Assistant Jobs – Big brands often hire a lot of extra workers during the Christmas season to be able to keep up with longer opening hours and sheer product demand! In Australia, this is during the summer seasonal from Dec to February, however majority of retail businesses will pick up extra staff between November and January to align with Christmas shopping and Boxing Day/January sales. Because of the long hours, weekend and night shifts, not to mention public holidays, this kind of seasonal work can be quite lucrative for seasonal workers. 

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