ApplyDirect lists on the ASX

Following a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO), innovative e-recruitment company ApplyDirect Limited (AD1) began trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as at 23rd June 2016.




Disruptive technology seamlessly links candidates and employers – eliminating intermediary costs, delivering efficiencies and superior recruitment outcomes

  • Clients include NSW Government, Optus, Bupa, Toyota Material Handling and Hitachi
  • ApplyDirect delivers 14m job search results per month
  • Powerful and unique cataloguing software suits both large and small companies
  • Strong organic growth opportunities exist in Australia with IPO proceeds to be deployed to accelerate the B2B and retail sales rollout


Following a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO), innovative e-recruitment company ApplyDirect Limited (AD1) began trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as at 23rd June 2016.

Through the use of sophisticated proprietary software, ApplyDirect’s powerful search engine channels job candidates electronically into employers’ recruitment systems, eliminating the role of expensive intermediaries and allowing employers to control the recruitment process.  This reduces advertising expenditure, improves the quality of job candidates, and, for employers with automated applicant tracking and other sophisticated HR systems, offers significant efficiencies in time and cost.

Under ApplyDirect’s recently completed IPO, 40m new shares were offered at 20c each, raising $8m.  ApplyDirect will use this capital to accelerate its sales and marketing program under the stewardship of former McMillan Shakespeare managing director Michael Kay, who has joined ApplyDirect as Executive Chairman.

Mr Kay said, “For too long, the recruitment value chain has been replete with ‘middle men’, agencies, aggregators and jobs boards, each adding to the cost of the transaction. Not only is this inefficient, but in my experience, the quality of the candidates delivered by this process is often variable. After years of frustration as a CEO at the shortcomings of the recruitment process, I was delighted to join ApplyDirect and become part of its mission to deliver better candidates for employers at lower cost.”

“Over the past 5 years, we have developed the ApplyDirect system and its intellectual property to a point where it works seamlessly for both employer and candidate. The proof of this is the extent to which it is now used: May 2016 saw over 760,000 visitors to the website.”

“Australian employers can now enjoy access to a purpose-built candidate-attraction system that reduces costs dramatically and improves recruitment efficiencies and outcomes,” said Mr Kay.

“The ApplyDirect system works for large, small and medium sized businesses. Anyone who wants to employ high quality candidates at a lower cost is a potential customer of ApplyDirect. We have a solution for everyone, from large governments to the corner store,” said Mr Kay.

Founder and Managing Director, Bryan Petereit, said, “At the heart of ApplyDirect is a complex piece of proprietary software which, to the best of our knowledge, is unique and difficult to replicate in terms both of the intricacy of the system and the investment of time to bring a basic search engine to ApplyDirect’s level of sophistication.”

“We now intend to build on our growing list of clients, which already includes the NSW Government, for whom we created and now operate the jobs website,” said Mr Petereit.





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