Top 4 Industries for Christmas Casual Jobs

 The festive season is a great time for those seeking Christmas casual jobs; and there are plenty of opportunities in Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail and Tourism.

The festive season is a great time for those seeking Christmas casual jobs, with employers often needing to fill large gaps in their rosters as permanent staff takes annual leave. With Christmas decorations going up around the cities and suburbs once again, many Australians are looking forward to their end of year holidays and warmer summer weather, leaving an opportunity for those keen to earn some extra cash and keep themselves focused and productive as the year draws to a close. Below are the top 4 industries for finding casual work during the Christmas season:


So where exactly should job seekers look when searching for Christmas jobs? It depends on your location, with metropolitan areas and large regional centres naturally home to the most job opportunities. Generally speaking, the larger retailers receive the largest volume of Christmas shoppers and therefore require the most additional staff to cope during this time. The majority of retailers offer Christmas casual jobs beginning in early December and running through to the end of the summer school holidays in late January, making them the ideal place to begin your job search.



As Christmas and New Year’s parties, school and work holidays, and other celebrations are in full swing during this time of year, another great industry which recruits for Christmas causal jobs is the Entertainment industry. Some places to look for job opportunities include cinemas, indoor play centres, theme parks, theatres and other entertainment venues such as pubs, bars or clubs.



The hospitality industry often employs a number of causal staff during the Christmas and holiday periods in order to keep up with the extra demand on venues such as bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants.  The most common causal jobs in the Hospitality industries during the Christmas period include positions as: bar and wait staff, chefs, baristas, front desk attendants.



A vast number of Australians travel domestically during the Christmas holiday period. As a result, tourism-related venues see a major upsurge in visitor numbers during this time. Tourist attractions often put additional staff on during this time, and hire casual staff if they are still lacking in resource. Tourism-related jobs can be found at tourist attractions including museums, water and theme parks, mini golf parks, zoos and other animal sanctuaries, beaches and other tourist centres.


While those are the top four industries which employ casual workers during the Christmas season, there are a variety of other industries where casual employees are in demand over this busy season!

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