Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) jobs and careers

 How Apply Direct can assist companies and government departments in meeting the employment parity initiative. Through a dedicated category for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (indigenous) jobs and careers.

Indigenous jobs and careers The Australian government has launched an initiative for employment parity, allowing for an extra 20,000 more jobs for First Australians. Apply Direct is a great start for both candidates and companies alike to help achieve the governments employment parity initiative. The initiative invites employers to commit to 3 per cent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees by the end of the decade, to reflect our population.

Apply Direct has a dedicated category for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobs and careers, where candidates can apply for roles with the some of the country’s largest companies and government departments. The employment parity initiative is on the back of a report from Fortescue Metals chairman Andrew Forrest, where it was found that Companies are seeking Indigenous employees, but struggle to find the supply. The disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is stark and getting larger and thus the employment gap is getting wider due to issues such as education, health and welfare; especially in remote areas.

Many of the suggestions in the report revolve around education, including better incentives for teachers, targeted ABSTUDY and increasing attendances. Financial benefits for companies who commit According to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion “The Employment Parity Initiative harnesses the goodwill of Australia’s largest employers to take on Indigenous employees to help them increase their Indigenous workforce to 3 per cent – employment parity – to get 20,000 more First Australians into private sector jobs by 2020,” How Apply Direct can assist with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander roles With a dedicated category for indigenous careers, Apply Direct can ensure your candidates are finding these roles in the easiest manner possible.

Apply Direct is the simplest, cleanest and most transparent jobseeking experience for candidates. Each advertisement highlights the company logo, job location and provides a direct link to the advertisement on the company’s own site, ensuring seamless branding and allows jobseekers to view any additional vacancies listed and encourages them to browse additional content on your career and broader website. Apply Direct has lowered the costs of recruitment and sends the best candidates directly to your own careers page, it is the easiest way to assist you in finding the right candidates.

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