5 Simple Ways to Find Staff for Your Business

Finding employees who are keen & qualified is one of the most important tasks you’ll face as a business owner. ApplyDirect looks at 5 methods to help you do just that.

Finding quality staff to join your business and help it grow is one of the most important tasks you’ll face as a business owner or HR manager. Competition for talent in certain industries can be fierce (take Data Science, IT and Finance for instance), whilst often finding the “right” candidate who ticks all your boxes can simply feel impossible. Despite these perennial challenges all businesses face, finding employees who you can shape into potential future leaders has been made much easier (or at least a lot faster) with the advent of digital technology. ApplyDirect takes a closer look at five key tactics you might like to consider when a vacancy you need to fill next becomes available:

1. Ask Your Own Connections

As a business owner, you’ll likely have multiple connections across your local community, the industry you’re part of and also your LinkedIn profile. This doesn’t even include your family and friends, all who have their own networks of friends and acquaintances. When it comes to to grow your business, tapping into your existing networks should be your first port of call – with a personal reference much preferable to any other type of recruitment process.

2. Tempt Your Current Staff with a Referral Bonus

Another straightforward and relatively low cost method for finding staff is to offer your current employees a compelling incentive to bring fresh candidates your way – in the form of a nominal referral bonus you will pay them should that candidate be successful. Not only do current employees know what it takes to do the job and the culture of your organisation, they also have an interest in putting forward people who’ll be an asset, not a liability.

3. Attend Industry Events/Job Fairs

Finding good staff can often be a matter of placing yourself in a prominent position so good candidates will come to you. This is why registering and setting up a stall at job fairs and other events relevant to your industry can be a great way to speak to dozens of potential future employees in person, allowing you to not only develop a list of solid candidates to invite back for an interview, but also to gauge the general health of your market.

4. Post Your Job Ad on Social Media

According to recent research from the United States, approximately 92% of companies nowadays use social media at some stage during their recruitment process – with Facebook and LinkedIn by far the most popular platform. Whilst these figures are likely to be slightly lower in Australia, the basic premise remains the same – posting job ads on your social media profile and on LinkedIn can be a highly effective way to gain the attention of both passive and active job seekers, helping you to find employees online with greater ease.

5. Post Your Job Ad on Online Job Boards

Last but certainly not least, there’s always online job boards .(also known as ‘job portals’) which alongside personal referrals, provide arguably the best platform for finding staff amongst active job seekers. As an Australian-owned online job board, ApplyDirect simplifies the entire job search process for both job seeker and employer, by cutting out the middle men/women (recruiters) and connecting both parties directly. Using our Next Generation Job Search tool, we’re able to collect and catalogue thousands of jobs directly from each employer’s website, collating it into one place where these positions can be easily found

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